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Industry Organizations
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About the Virginia Wine Board – State 

Created by the Virginia General Assembly in 1984 as part of Virginia's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the Virginia Wine Board is appointed by the Governor and  promotes the interests of vineyards and wineries in the Commonwealth through research, education and marketing. The Board fulfills the following duties.

Receives funding from the Virginia Wine Promotion Fund and dispenses it for wine-related projects and initiatives.
Contracts research to improve viticultural and enological practices in the Virginia wine industry.
Promotes education about and appreciation for Virginia wines.
Promotes the growing of wine grapes and wine production throughout the Commonwealth.
Disseminates information on wine and viticultural topics.
Contracts marketing, advertising and other programs that promote the growth of the state's wine industry and the enjoyment of Virginia wines.
Collaborates with state, regional, national, and international organizations on their work related to Virginia's wine industry. 


About the Virginia Wine Marketing Office (WMO) – State

Funded through the Virginia Wine Board, the Virginia Wine Board Marketing Office handles the board's education and marketing efforts on behalf of all Virginia wineries. The office manages the development and execution of a continuous and integrated marketing program, which focuses on advertising, public relations and promotions. Collectively the efforts communicate a clear and positive message on Virginia wines, encourage visits to the state wineries and help increase sales of Virginia wine.

About the Virginia Winery Distribution Company – Non-profit 501(c)(6)

Established in 2008, the Virginia Winery Distribution Company (VWDC) is a non-profit, non-stock corporation created by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) to provide wholesale wine distribution services for Virginia farm wineries. Many wineries in the Commonwealth use VWDC to distribute and personally deliver their wines to local retailers.


About the Virginia Wineries Association (VWA) – Non-profit 501(c)(6)


Formed in 1983, the Virginia Wineries Association (VWA) grew out of the desire by owners of Virginia wineries to create a wine community that shared ideas and resources to the benefit of everyone in the Virginia wine industry. As a non-profit trade organization, the VWA advocates on behalf of the industry in a number of areas.

  • The VWA promotes viticulture and vintner practices that ensure the highest quality wine production among its member-wineries.
  • Education about Virginia wines and appreciation for their distinctive qualities among consumers are ongoing initiatives of the VWA.
  • As a trade organization, the VWA helps develop increased market share for Virginia wines.
  • The VWA supports continued research into the relationship between wine and health.
  • A thriving wine industry is a growing one, so the VWA favors the industry's continued expansion statewide 
About the Virginia Vineyards Association (VVA) – Non-profit 501(c)(6)
The Virginia Vineyards Association began in 1979 as a joint effort among Virginia viticulturists, wineries and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University to oversee and promote the following areas of mutual interest.
The viticultural interests of Virginia
Growth of commercial grape growing as a major component of Virginia agriculture
Cultivation of all species of grapes
Public recognition of products made from Virginia grapes
Establishment and maintenance of mutually beneficial relationships with local, state and federal government agencies
Free exchange of information and ideas with professional and amateur enthusiasts
About the Virginia Wine Council (VWC) – Non-profit 501(c)(6)
In 2008 Virginia's wine industry formed the Virginia Wine Council (VWC) - a strong coalition of Virginia's wineries, vineyards, the Virginia Wineries Association, the Virginia Vineyards Association, wine trails throughout the state, and individual supporters. The VWC was formed to provide wineries, vineyards, and state and local governments with a resource to assist in developing local ordinances and state legislation that draws the appropriate balance between the reasonable business activities of wineries and the appropriate level of regulation to protect the health, safety, and welfare of visitors and neighboring landowners.


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