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COVID – Renewals and Cocktails to Go – Update #9 – 4/9/20
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4/9/2020 at 7:58:03 PM GMT
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COVID – Renewals and Cocktails to Go – Update #9 – 4/9/20

The Compliance Corner

By Mary Beth Williams

COVID – Renewals and Cocktails to Go – Update #9 – 4/9/20

We have some of the gaps filled on the issues related to Executive Order Ten, so let’s get to it.  

Renewals: If any of your VA ABC licenses expire in April, May, or June, the expiration will be delayed by 90 days. You won’t be issued a new license, so the license hanging on your wall may end up being expired for a little while, but you’ll be considered current with ABC, and there will be no penalties for paying for your renewal, so long as the renewal form and payment is submitted so that it can be approved before the end of that additional 90 day period.  Of course, you can go on and pay it when it’s currently due, if you’d prefer to do that.   This just gives you the option to hold onto the money you’d have to send ABC for an additional 90 days to give you time to get your revenue streams back to normal.

Cocktails to Go: The cocktails to go provisions we mentioned yesterday IS going to apply to wineries as well. Effective tomorrow, 4/10, farm wineries will be able to sell glasses of wine, sangria, and slushies for to go, pick up, or delivery.    As with all other pick up and delivery orders, the order needs to be placed ahead of time.


The requirements for drinks to go are:

  • Wine/sangria/slushy must be packaged in a glass, paper, or plastic container (or similar disposable container) or in a single original metal can with all container types having a secure lid or cap.The straw or sipping hole in the lid, if one exists, must be rendered inoperable.ABC has agreed to allow commonly purchased beverage cups such as soda or coffee cups, so long as tape is over the sipping/straw hole, and the lid taped onto the cup.
  • The drinks should be transported in the trunk, or if there is no trunk, in an area of the vehicle not accessible by the driver. So don’t hand these drinks to the driver and let them drive off with them.
  • All other open container laws remain in effect.
  • Delivery of wine/sangria/slushies to go must end by 11pm each day.

2711 Buford Road #174
Bon Air, VA 23235